ElectroCycle Document Shredding and Computer Recycling of Metro Detroit.

Electrocycle offers document shredding and computer recycling for businesses and residential. Don’t throw away old computers and electronics our service is secure and environmentally friendly. The hard drives of your computers, laptops, copiers, etc could contain sensitive personal information that could make you a victim of identity theft. ElectroCycle will not only recycle your material  we will also provide data destruction. We are able to shred your hard drives using our mobile hard drive shredder. We can come to your location and shred while you watch.

ElectroCycle thrives to be the best in our industry. Computer recycling has became a large industry in the last few years with a lot of small companies popping up to take your material. Be aware to who you give your material to. ElectroCycle completes 7 year criminal background checks on each one of their employees. Management has years of experience in the data destruction industry.

ElectroCycle is now offering mobile hard drive shredding. We will bring the shredder to your location.

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We use only R2 certified companies when recycling your old electronics so that you can be sure the earth is being taken care of.


With our strict security and shred all hard drives policy you can rest assured that our electronic recycling program is secure.

Recycle your Electronics

Almost every part of your old electronics can be recycled to make our earth safer.

Document shredding and computer recycling in michigan
Document shredding and computer recycling