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Dispose of old computers and other electronic devices in a safe and environmentally-responsible way.  Since 2011 our mission has been to eliminate electronic waste, destined for landfill. Every year, we recycle over 1 million pounds of electronic waste. “Electronics Recycling” is even in our name (“ElectroCycle”)!

Computer Recycling in Michigan

ElectroCycle recycles computers across Michigan.  Just call to arrange your pick-up.  We accept a variety of devices including PC’s, cell phones, tablets, computer accessories, server equipment, and hard drives.  

Did you know many of these electronic components contain hazardous materials such as mercury, lead, and cadmium?  Sending electronics to the landfill can lead to contaminated soil and groundwater. By recycling electronics, we divert these materials from landfill.  In addition, it also allows for the recovery of components including metal, glass, and plastic.  These components are then used again to make other products, thus reducing the need for new resources.

For over a decade, ElectroCycle has demonstrated expertise and environmental stewardship for recycling unwanted computer components. We ensure hazardous materials are disposed of properly, while reusable components are recycled sustainably. We also destroy any personal information that might be stored on computer hard drives.  ElectroCycle has the experience to handle your unwanted computer equipment properly.  Call us today to schedule your pick-up.

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We recycle over 1 million pounds of electronic waste annually.

Computer Recycling FAQs

Is electronic recycling free?

No, there is a charge for the pickup and proper disposal. Certain items such as hard drives, toner, and photocopy machines are subject to additional cost. Contact us for an estimate.

Why should I recycle my old electronics?

When e-waste crosses borders illegally and is indiscriminately dumped, or dismantled in unsound conditions, serious damage to human health and pollution of water, air and soil is often the result.

What type of electronics are accepted at our facility?

We accept working or non working computers, servers, hard drives, tablets, printers, and other computer related items.

What happens to my computer's hard drive?

All hard drives are destroyed. A certificate of destruction is provided.

Can I drop off my old computers and hard drives?

Yes, drop off is available by appointment only.

What do you do with the recyclable materials from the old electronics?

Every recyclable part of the old electronics we receive is broken down and recycled through a certified company, assuring that each piece is responsibly taken care of.

Do you offer computer recycling to business and residential customers?

Yes, we service homes and businesses throughout Michigan.

What cities do you pick up from?

We will pick up across Michigan. Southfield, Livonia, Farmington Hills, Troy, Novi, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, etc

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