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4 Reasons To Hire Professionals To Do Your Shredding In Michigan

When your company’s sensitive data is leaked and gets into the hands of thieves, it may spell disaster for your business and your customers. Not only are you in danger of various fines and legal penalties, but a security breach will also cause your clients to lose faith in you and harm your image. It might be difficult – if not impossible – to recover someone’s confidence once you’ve betrayed them. In the professional environment, trust and reputation are crucial, thus protecting papers containing your client’s personal information should be a top priority.

ElectroCycle provides secure and dependable document destruction services that safeguard the security of your company’s data. We will build a document shredding service that conforms with your organization’s legal, regulatory, and internal audit requirements, whether you need a regular, scheduled service or a one-time document purge of corporate data.

1. Reliability

It is our responsibility to destroy private information. It’s what we’re good at. Asking an employee to shred your papers might spell catastrophe; if they decide to cut corners or don’t understand the need for document destruction, your organization could face a security breach. When it comes to shredding your sensitive documents and data, don’t skimp, make sure you employ an experienced firm that understands what they’re doing.

2. Ease of Verification (certificate of destruction)

Any professional shredding provider will give a certificate of destruction, which proves that sensitive information has been destroyed. These documents are useful in legal situations; for example, if a customer claims their case of identity theft was caused by a hypothetical misuse of information on your company’s part, the certificate of destruction will put that issue to rest.

3. Speed

When compared to the shredding equipment used in most businesses, industrial shredding technology can process a large volume of papers in a short amount of time. Rather than shredding papers individually or in small batches throughout the day, bins full of documents may be safely destroyed in minutes. This avoids the time-consuming and laborious nature of traditional “shred as you go” paper shredding processes used by offices that choose to shred sensitive documents in-house.

4. Enhanced Security

Data breaches of sensitive and personal information are getting increasingly widespread. Furthermore, cyber assaults on small enterprises are more common. Though it may come as a shock, it makes perfect logic. Small firms do not necessarily have the same financial resources as bigger corporations. They may lack the necessary skills or understanding to keep their data secure.

The best method to ensure that your company information is destroyed and disposed of safely and securely is to use a professional shredding service. Only trained technicians will work with your personal information if you choose a professional business. On-site shredding, for example, allows you to see as your papers are shredded and disposed of, ensuring that all your data is kept safe.

As ElectroCycle, our document shredding services are customized to meet the needs of your business. Whether you need a periodic service or a one-time document purge of sensitive documents, we will customize a document shredding solution that meets your organization’s legal, regulatory, and internal audit standards. Contact us today and book your shred.



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