Why Hard Drive Destruction Is Crucial

Hard Drive

Don’t let important and confidential information fall into the wrong hands. Hard Drive Destruction services exist to keep the digital information you are responsible for from falling into the wrong hands. So why the big deal? You should shred your hard drives, outdated computers, e-waste, and other abandoned items for the following reasons: Safeguarding your […]

3 Ways Document Shredding Protects The Environment

When most people think about document shredding, they think about it from a security standpoint. That makes sense because shredding guarantees that documents are destroyed and rendered unreadable. 1. Protecting our Trees As children, we are taught that paper is made from trees. But as we get older, we hear more about the negative side […]

The Advantages Of Computer Recycling

Technology evolves so quickly that new computer models are released every few years. This means that if you keep up with the latest technology, you most likely have old PCs lying around that you have no idea what to do with. They are probably useless to you, but it is becoming more well understood that […]

4 Reasons To Hire Professionals To Do Your Shredding In Michigan

confidential shredding

When your company’s sensitive data is leaked and gets into the hands of thieves, it may spell disaster for your business and your customers. Not only are you in danger of various fines and legal penalties, but a security breach will also cause your clients to lose faith in you and harm your image. It […]

Hard Drive Shredding – Leave It To The Pros!

hard drive shredding

It’s critical to take precautions when removing old and outdated hard drives from your Michigan office or home, as you don’t want your information to fall into the wrong hands. Data can be easily recovered from old, unused, discarded, and even formatted hard drives by identity thieves and fraudsters. Wiping data from a hard drive […]