3 Ways Document Shredding Protects The Environment

When most people think about document shredding, they think about it from a security standpoint. That makes sense because shredding guarantees that documents are destroyed and rendered unreadable.

1. Protecting our Trees

As children, we are taught that paper is made from trees. But as we get older, we hear more about the negative side of this – that entire forests are destroyed in order to provide us with something to write on. This destruction not only makes animals homeless but also has an impact on everything from air quality to global warming. By shredding your documents with us, you begin the process of converting them back into new paper, ready to be used again and again. This is due to the fact that after shredding your confidential waste, we recycle it. This is a more environmentally friendly alternative to chopping down more trees and harming the environment. Did you know paper can be recycled up to seven times, so you’re saving a lot of trees? In fact, you can help save 15 lbs of wood for every 500 sheets of recycled paper.

2. Preserving the Quality of Our Air

While we’re talking about trees, the process of making paper from them isn’t exactly good for us or the environment. As you might expect, transforming raw wood into, say, an A4 notebook isn’t done by magic. It involves a large number of potentially toxic chemicals, such as carbon monoxide and ammonia, which can be released into the atmosphere during the manufacturing process. It’s not good for our lungs or the environment. In comparison, when your shredded documents are taken to a recycling plant, they are recycled in a much more responsible and eco-friendly manner; a little-known fact is that recycled paper uses 53 percent less carbon dioxide than new paper.

3. Avoiding Landfill

For a long time, we humans have thrown everything we no longer require into our garbage cans. And that waste has a one-way ticket to the landfill. As a result, it’s no surprise that all of the landfills are now overflowing. More importantly, these sites are wreaking havoc on the environment (and on us), emitting greenhouse gases and leaking toxic substances into the ground, among other things. By having Printwaste shred your documents rather than simply throwing them away, you will not only ensure secure disposal (data destruction) of your confidential data, but you will also avoid landfills and all of its negative effects, thereby helping to create new and environmentally friendly products.

ElectroCycle: Shredding Tailored to You

When we think of shredding at ElectroCycle, we always think of it as a way to keep sensitive and confidential data safe. But we also think about the planet and how to keep it safe. Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you will see shredding in a new light, enabling you to realize that it doesn’t only safeguard us and our data, but it also helps preserve this lovely planet!


Our document shredding services at ElectroCycle are tailored to your company’s specific requirements. We will customize a document shredding solution that meets your organization’s legal, regulatory, and internal audit standards, whether you require a regular service or a one-time document purge of sensitive documents. Contact us today to schedule your shred.


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