Recycling Process

The Process

The process of recycling your electronics is much easier than it may seem. Here’s how it works:


  • Call or email us and let us know what you have that needs to be recycled.
  • We come to YOU to pick up your electronics
  • Your material is placed into our boxes with a unique stop number for your business.
  • Our truck is secured at all times. When in transport or when we are loading. Your material is never left out in the open.
  • Materials are taken to our warehouse where they are separated and broken apart
  • Broken Down Materials are separated into different commodities (Copper, aluminum, steel, etc.)
  • Circuit boards are separated into different categories
  • Hard drives are removed, scanned and destroyed using our in house hard drive shredder
  • A certificate of destruction is sent to you after the destruction takes place
  • All circuit boards are recycled through an R2 certified company
  • Other materials are recycled through various recycle companies that deal with each respective commodity